Let Our Pros Transport Your Heavy Load

Get heavy haul services in Lufkin, TX

Do you need help transporting your construction equipment or machinery from point A to point B? Some heavy hauls require more than a truck with a tow hitch, and that's where we come in. The experts at Johnson Heavy Haul can transport your heavy loads where they need to go in Lufkin, TX and the surrounding area.

You'll appreciate that we:

Have over 35 years of industry experience
Can haul loads up to 55 tons
Can haul most places in the US (excluding the west coast and New England)

Don't take on a heavy haul alone. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Discover the benefits of hiring a heavy haul service

There are many good reasons to hire Johnson Heavy Haul for your transport needs. Our crew:

  • Is better prepared and equipped
  • Is insured, prompt and efficient
  • Can save time and prevent injury
Let us lighten your load. Speak with a member of our team today to learn more about our services.

Plan your haul today

If you have a heavy haul that needs transport, turn to Johnson Heavy Haul in Lufkin, TX. We'll take inventory of what we need to haul and make sure it gets there safely and securely. Call 936-707-3770 today to schedule service.